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On this Pi Day, a look at a few ways the number 3.14 (or variations thereof) factors into Marlins franchise history:

Two qualifying Marlins have hit .314 in a single season: Gary Sheffield in 1996 and Luis Castillo in 2003

Two qualifying Marlins have posted a 3.14 ERA in a single season: Braden Looper in 2002 and Matt Lindstrom in 2008.

Two Marlins posted .314 on-base percentages during their time in Miami: Mike Jacobs and Omar Infante.

The Marlins’ all-time saves leader Robb Nen pitched 314 innings during his time with the club.

An All-Star during the Marlins’ inaugural season, Bryan Harvey faced 314 hitters during his time with the club at the conclusion of his big league career.

The only Marlins player born on 3/14 was Kevin Brown, who was named to the NL All-Star team in both of his seasons with the Fish (1996 and 1997), helping the…

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