Marlins Stolen-Base Champ Dee Gordon Teams With Blechman Foundation to “Dee-Feat” Parkinson’s

CBS Miami

Dee Gordon is already making an impact in South Florida before starting his first regular season game as the Miami Marlins’ new second baseman.

After stealing an MLB-leading 64 bases in 2014, the Florida native and arguably the fastest man in baseball has teamed up with the Blechman Foundation for Parkinson’s Research to form the foundation’s first-ever stolen base challenge.

With April being national Parkinson’s Disease Awareness month, Gordon will encourage fans to make a pledge on the foundation’s website for every base he steals during the first month of the regular season. Funds raised by the Blechman Foundation’s Stolen Base Challenge will go directly to help fund important research efforts in the area of neuroprotection in order to slow or stop the progression of Parkinson’s disease.

“Parkinson’s Disease is a movement disorder, and base stealing places a premium on movement,” Blechman Foundation President David Blechman said. “Dee Gordon is a champion base stealer, and because…

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