#MarlinsTakeover Just Won’t Go Away: Dee Gordon Edition

By: Brian Mangan

I don’t have anything against Dee Gordon. He seems like a nice guy, and I wish him the best. But in the context of the #MarlinsTakeover narrative that’s all over baseball right now, people need to get a grip about what Dee Gordon is. I’ve written a few times about how there is no logical reason to believe the Marlins are better than the Mets (please, read this), but the narrative continues.

Gordon is a fine little player. He had a career-best season last year worth 3.2 WAR, and he’s only turning 27 this month. But last year has been the exception, not the rule, so far in his career, and he’s unlikely to be a big factor in the 2015 season. To put it bluntly, Dee Gordon isn’t that great.

Dee Gordon has a lifetime 658 OPS in 1,319 plate appearances, yet most folks…

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