MLB Predictions 4 – To the Far (National League) East

Shitty Baseball Graphs

These predictions started mostly as a whim.

Everyone Many baseball fans, myself included, believe that spending more money is the key to success in a sport where there are no (hard) repercussions for a team spending its way to success.

Perhaps it has been my life growing up as a Jays’ fan in the AL East, but you kind of get hammered over the head every season watching the Yankees and Red Sox throw money in the air and end up with truck loads of playoff appearances and World Series’ banners. “If only Rogers would just open their wallet! We have the richest owner in pro sports!!!” are words that my friends have definitely heard me utter way too many times in the past.

As we turn the page into the latter half of our MLB Predictions based purely on payroll, I think it’s fair to say that the correlation…

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